What Does God Say About Self Love?

➵ Self love (introspective prioritization of self): mediate, look inward and focus on your positive traits. If you are able to love yourself more and like what you see, you will find peace. If you love yourself on a deeper level, you are able to love God and others more. Humans are fundamentally good and lovable.

// Romans 3:10-12 //
“as it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one;”

I’ve been seeing “self love” a lot lately. What does God say in His Word? He says to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him ( Matthew 16:24). He also says in the last days “people will be lovers of themselves....rather than lovers of God (2nd Timothy 3:1-5). The Lord’s Spirit desires to convict us that, our hearts are “deceitful and desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9).” We are flawed-sinners. It won’t matter how much we look in and find the qualities we love. God says, “there is NO peace apart from Me.” You won’t find peace and contentment by loving yourself more. If we ignore our conscience/convictions because of self acceptance, we are denying God’s nudging and believing satan’s lies. See, God tells us to COME as we are, but He doesn’t want us to STAY as we are. “Be ye holy as I am holy.“

When Christ calls us, He not only welcomes us as we are with open arms, but loves us completely. We are FULLY accepted by Him. However, He does call us to hate our old nature, turn aside from those evil ways and be renewed in our minds, according to Truth.

Don’t strive to be a lover of self, but rather a lover of God. We are loved and accepted not because we are worthy, but because HE is. God sees us as sinful, lost people who have the opportunity to be washed clean by the blood of Christ. We are declared righteous by our faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 3:24). Talk about amazing!!! It’s not about self love, it’s about God’s true love for us that changes, makes us whole and gives us hope for the future. If you love the LORD God, for He is love, He will show you how to love others, even yourself. He must always be first. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser