A Little Behind

➵ Have you ever felt like you are a little behind compared to others around you that are the same age?! You are doing what you believe you are supposed to be doing, but can’t seem to “get ahead.” You start to feel slightly embarrassed because it feels like you are the only one that is constantly at the end in this race called life. I’ve been there.

Everyone my age has a house and a least one kid if not more. They have a college degree and a solid career. Meanwhile I am over here like-I have never owned my own home, I don’t have any kids, no degree and I left my dream job of modeling to be a nanny because that is what the Lord told me to do.

You may not be where others are, but that doesn’t mean you are not exactly where God wants you. Your path is unique. The experiences on your path are created just for you. Don’t miss out on the experiences because you are too busy trying to reach the destination. You will miss out on the joy of the journey. God just might have exciting things hidden for you at different mile markers, but you have to keep going to get them. Don’t wallow in jealousy and stop because you “don’t understand.” You don’t have to because He does. Keep praying, keep seeking Him and let Him take the wheel. He is able to put you in a super charged car and make up what you think is lost time if He wants to. Don’t concern yourself with where others are and where you aren’t. Concern yourself with where He wants you to be, for that is where you will find contentment. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser