Broken Heart

// To the one with a broken heart //

➵ They promised you the world
but took your heart and tore it apart.
You thought they would be your
knight and shining armor.
You saw forever in their eyes,
now you are like,
“this has all been a lie.”
Crushed dreams, shattered hope
now you are just trying to cope.
You don’t believe in love
for your viewpoint has been tainted.
The tears keep coming,
the pain erupting,
as you look for healing in all the wrong places.
Let God mend the broken pieces,
for He can put you back together.
What was,
doesn’t mean that’s what will be,
for He can make beauty out of ashes.
Let Him seep His love into every space
drowning your fears in His perfect love.
Once you experience His love
you will see that it is all you need;
for you won’t ever encounter another love
that will make you want to
bow and drop to your knees. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser