Trust His Timing

// Ecclesiastes 3:1 //

“To everything there is a season,

A time for every purpose under heaven.”

➵ Have you ever found yourself sprinting out the door because you were running late to class, a date or meeting? Maybe even spilled coffee on your shirt as you were grabbing your things trying to get out of the house? We’ve all been there-but God....You see, He is never late, for He is always right on time. Time is in His hands. He sees it all. Nothing is hidden from His sight. Don’t think for one second He doesn’t see you or hear your prayers, even the ones you don’t say. He knows when to give and when to withhold. He won’t keep anything from you that He thinks you need or is good for you. He’s such a good Father. He knows what each of His children need before they even ask. Don’t put your confidence in time. Put your faith in the One who calls you mine. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser


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