Mountain-Top Experience

If you don't think God is cool then listen up. I used to pray for my future spouse often. My mom and I decided to pray together. We did that for several months. If you know my mom, you know she doesn't pray "short" prayers, so my time with her was definitely an investment! Ha! To be honest, I didn't always enjoy praying, (or with her), for it is hard work. There were times when it was a tough battle to pray. I had to fight off distractions, tiredness, and the desire to be doing something else than laboring over someone I had never met (I didn't think I had met him). 

One day after I had spent some time with the Lord, just basking in His sweet Presence, I felt stirred to grab my journal. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that He was going to give me a "mountain top" experience. At that time, I wasn't sure what that was referring to. I thought it could be modeling, could be some dream coming to life, I didn't know....

If the Lord says it, He will do it, for He cannot lie. He says that His word does not return void. I  just wasn't positive that this was from Him.

Fast forward a little. I go on vacation with Matthew and his family to Colorado. Little did I know what was in store for me there. We rode snowmobiles and on the first day we went out, we didn't make it up this mountain he was determined to ride up. I'm thinking to myself, "I really don't have to make it up to the top." I don't love heights, but I am trying to play it cool and act like it is no big deal when all I can do is pray to Jesus that I don't die! 

Well, the next day was a different story. We not only made it to the top, he surprised me and got down on one knee-on a MOUNTAIN TOP!!! 

I almost created an avalanche with my sheer excitement! The Lord blew my mind. It wasn't because I am something special, but I was a faithful prayer warrior. He delivered. 

Was it worth all of those hours of prayer? You better believe it. God is so cool. Trust Him. He has someone special for you too. PRAY for them! He hears every single prayer, every single word, and He will give you an epic love story too, if you just trust Him AND wait for Him to work.