Handsy Encounters

Back in the day, I was extremely infatuated with this guy I had met at my agency in Cincinnati. His looks made my heart flutter and my eyes bulge out of my head. I got so nervous just being in the same room as him. My dad happened to be there with me and he saw the look of awe that was in my eyes. He decides that embarrassing me would be a good idea. I wanted to crawl in a hole. To my complete surprise, he was actually used to encourage that guy to ask me for my number. 

It was seriously the SECOND date and this guy tried to get a little "handsy" on me. I had to do a few ninja moves to get out of that sticky situation, but I did. 

I knew that I had to tell him what my views were on saving myself for marriage-ALL of myself. The thoughts of this conversation made my stomach swirl in knots. I got anxiety just thinking about it. Thoughts of his beautiful face flashed in my head. I'm thinking, "can I really do this." I knew that if I didn't tell him the next time he called (IF he called), then I would be putting myself in temptations way. Would I have the strength to continually say no to him and his charm. No, I knew I didn't. I knew I needed to be upfront with him no matter what the cost. 

He did call the next day. The Lord gave me the strength to tell him my thoughts about keeping myself for the one He had for me. I was so nervous to be that bold, but I felt so relieved after I told him. 

After our conversation, I never heard from him again. I was definitely sad and questioned, at first, if I should have been that forthcoming. I knew deep down that I was WORTH waiting for. I was more than another number. I was more than just my body. I wanted a man that loved and respected ME. 

Don't settle for anyone that doesn't value you or love the person that you are. If someone loves you just because of your money, body, status, etc-RUN! God's got someone for you that will be head over heels in love WITH YOU, who you are in Christ. And I am telling you friend, they are worth waiting on, keeping yourself for, because if God sending them you will want what He is sending. So value yourself enough to say no and not go the way of the world. Be a gem in a sea of dust.