Taking It Off For The Follow

Some girls are taking it off for the follow,

but they don't see 

it only makes them more hollow.

The attention makes them feel a type of way,

then it becomes an insatiable crave.

They go down the slippery slope

finding their worth in numbers

and now they can't cope.

They thought it would fill the void inside,

now they are just on a roller coaster ride.

When it starts to slow down 

they don't know what to do,

they've kind of played someone's else's boo.

A downpour comes on their fun parade,

now they see it was all a charade.

God nudges them once again

and says, "come back to Me my friend."

Tears flood their eyes,

His grace covers all the lies.

God's overwhelming love

showers them again,

wiping away all their sin.