Walk By Faith

Several years ago I had a sciatic nerve problem. I never had this issue before in my life. It affected the way I slept, sat, my workouts, and sometimes, even the way I walked. During this time I used to drive a lot to Chicago for modeling from Indianapolis. At times, the car ride became unbearable. My husband would always drive when he could because I would have to stick my left leg out to help ease the pain. 

I tried putting a heat pad on my back, ice, and even went to the chiropractor a few times to adjust me. I tried any natural remedy. It was like a gnat that keeps bothering you, never leaving you alone. 

I got a random call one day from production at America's Next Top Model. They were interested in me for a new season they would be doing called, "All Stars." 

The phone call was bittersweet. I knew this was an open door from the Lord and that He wanted me to do it. But, I had this slight nervousness as to how I was going to compete at my full capability with this back issue. 

In faith, I told them that I would love to be a part of this new season. Weeks before I was scheduled to leave, I continued to go before the Lord petitioning for healing. Nothing. As I packed my bags to get ready to leave, the pain was still there. Even when I left for the airport, still no change.

I knew the Lord wanted me to go on this show. I knew He had given me the favor. I even felt like He was going to heal me, but as I sat at the airport waiting to board my flight, I wasn't healed-yet.

I got on the plane, we took off, and as I sat in my confined seat I noticed something. My back didn't hurt. I bent down to see if it would hurt like it always did, nope. I didn't want to jump the gun, so I just sat pondering if the pain would arise. It didn't!!! 

The whole plane ride, during the entire filming for the show, and even EVERY SINGLE DAY after-NO PAIN!!! 

He healed me! I haven't had sciatica in years! I had to take a leap of faith for Him to move, but He moved, and in a mighty way! 

I don't know if you need healing or if He has called you to step out in faith. Do it! You never know what's on the other side of obedience. It could be healing, a job offer, raise, favor, peace (which money can't buy). Whatever He is calling you to do, believe by faith that He will equip you, strengthen you, and give you what you need for the task. He won't leave you stranded. He is so faithful. He never disappoints. So get going, move. Don't remain where you are if He is calling you out. Don't be comfortable, complacent, for you will miss out on the blessing He has in store for you!