What's Tyra Like?

Throwback and this one goes out to Tyra Banks. 😌 She sent me the sweetest message a few days ago and it touched my heart. Ever since ANTM people have constantly asked me, "how's Tyra?" Well, here ya go. 
After season one aired she sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and told me to get my booty to NY because agencies wanted me. I used to call her randomly to check in and say hi and she would always call me back. She isn't too proud to say she's sorry. Because you know, we are all human and make mistakes. I ran into her in LA with Matthew at Yogurtland and she gave us the biggest hugs and took a few minutes to chat with us. We knew she had "things to do," but she still made time. She's currently teaching a class at Stanford about branding, doing America's Got Talent, getting ready to do a new season of ANTM, working on a new movie-Life Size 2, has her make-up company, she's a mom, friend, etc. Even though her schedule is so insane (I don't know if she actually sleeps) she still found time to write me an encouraging message about my "body" story. It's not because I am something special, but she is just thoughtful. I have never seen her act like a "diva" or like she is better than someone else. She remembers where she comes from. 
The point of all this is you are never too busy to encourage someone. Choose to take time out and brighten someone's day. The smallest gesture to you, can mean the world to them. Tyra and I don't agree on everything, as I am sure you know. But, you can always find common ground and a level of respect. Go make someone smile today. I dare ya! 😘❤️💁🏼
Thank you Tyra! I hope to see you again soon! Xoxo