Drunk Roommate Kicks Me Out-Part 2

Have you ever asked the Lord why?! Why me Lord? Why do you have me in this situation? Why am I going through this? Well, that is exactly what I was asking the Lord when He had me staying with my friend in LA. He quickly showed me that I wasn't there for myself, but for someone else. Let's rewind a bit.

Upon arriving to LA, I learned that there would be another guest staying with us. My friend's niece, who was around 14 years old. She had such a sweet spirit about her and I was excited to get to know her. 

Right when I walked through her front door I was in awe at the beauty of her place. It was extremely nice, yet cozy. After a few minutes, she said that I could take the bedroom upstairs with her niece and she would just sleep on the couch (one bedroom apartment). I told her that I could sleep on the couch, but she insisted I take the bedroom. She made me speechless at her hospitality! Who gives up their own bed? I was very thankful at her generosity. She walked me upstairs to show me where I would be sleeping and to put my things away. Her bedroom was very unique, it was more like a loft. On one side it did not have a full wall. It was like half of a wall with a ledge that looked out over the living room. 

After a few nights, I realized that my friend wasn't who I thought she was. Her personality had changed drastically or maybe I didn't really know her at all. She would regularly yell, and I mean YELL, at her niece all throughout the night for not doing her homework earlier or for not doing it right. The problem was my friend never got her home at a decent time because she always had errands to run. I felt so uncomfortable. I had no clue what to do. I remember encouraging my friend to try and get home a little earlier, so that her niece wouldn't have to be up so late. 

I went to bed most nights with her screaming. I couldn't fall asleep because she was still screaming. And, when I did finally fall asleep, she woke me up screaming. Midnight, 2 am, and even 3 am, it didn't matter. It was almost like she got a high out of verbally abusing this little girl. One night, my friend had the TV blaring so loud the neighbors could hear it clearly. She knew it would keep us awake, so she had the volume cranked up. I saw the tiredness in her niece's eyes as I looked at her from across the bed. I told her that I would try to sneak downstairs to turn the TV off. I got out of bed. As I tiptoed downstairs, my hands became a sweaty mess, my heart racing out of my chest. I even got on all fours at one point, just in case she got startled and woke up. I didn't want her to see me. I found the remote, hesitated for a few seconds, but decided to just do it. I turned the TV off and dashed with all of my might, up the stairs. It wasn't a matter of minutes before she yelled at us up the stairs. "You better not touch the TV or turn it off again!!!" Her niece and I looked at each other in despair. 

Have you ever had any regrets in your life?! Well, one of mine is that I didn't try and call her parents to tell them what was going on. I didn't try my best to get her out of that predicament. I was young in a sense, and was afraid of getting kicked out myself. I let my fear of being homeless, the thought of "it's none of my business," stop me from rescuing this girl from the hell her aunt was putting her through. 

Years later, the Lord showed me that He didn't put me there for myself, but for that young girl. I prayed with her and tried to make the situation not as bad. God showed me that He used my presence to bring this girl comfort in her time of need. I hope and pray I was able to do that. . 

You might be placed in a situation not because you've done anything wrong, but because you are being used in someone else's life! I was placed there for a child in need. It was a nightmare, but God knew that I could handle it with His power. It warms my heart, even today, to think about the overflowing love the Lord has for His children. The great lengths He will go to for ONE soul. What a good, good Father.  

Stay tuned for Part 3. Remember that beat up car I was renting?! Yeah, well I wouldn't call it "old faithful"....