Broke Down

I wish I could say this was the kind of car I drove around in while I was in LA, but it wasn't. I was tight on money, so I rented the cheapest car I could get. I was out there modeling and I needed a car to get me around. In NY I always relied on the subway, but in LA you need a car. The auditions, castings were all over.

After I told the man I wanted the cheapest car they had, I was slightly hoping he would feel bad for me and just give me an upgrade. That's the eternal optimist in me. He didn't. He came rolling out in a car I didn't think would even make it down the street. I started praying immediately in my head that the Lord would bless this car for me. Haha! 

I drove around in it, but I didn't trust it. It was an old beat up car, that had its days numbered. I was so appreciative that I had a car to get me from place to place though. I wasn't stuck.

One afternoon while driving on the crowded freeway, my car decided to go out. I hit the gas pedal, nothing. I hit it again, nothing. Have you ever been in LA traffic? Have you ever been on the freeway during rush hour?! Well, it's stressful when your car is in good condition. Can you imagine what it is like when your car decides to just give out?! 

My car went out as I was already in the process of getting off of the exit. I just happened to be on a hill and had enough momentum to just coast down it. As my mind went in a hundred different directions, I tried to remain calm. As I was going down the hill, the Lord had the stoplight turn green for me. I was able to make it into a section beside the road, just under a bridge that was completely safe! Can you say miraculous?! 

I sat in my car for a few minutes, trying to fight back tears of thankfulness to my Father for His great mercy upon me. I was in awe of His protection. His ways astounded me. My car could have went out when I wasn't getting off of the exit, but He didn't allow that to happen. 

I don't know what situation you have found yourself in, but I want to remind you that God sees you. He sees your need. He hears the deep longings of your heart. His love for you is unfailing. His ways can't always be understood, but let me tell you, He can be trusted. I am in awe of my Lord and Savior. He is so, so good y'all!!