Unpopular Girl

➵ They gather together,
whisper in each other’s ear
laugh like something is funny,
but you’re not close enough to hear.
You’re never invited
to anything they do,
you don’t even think
they notice you.
You’re not apart of the clique
you think you want to be,
but there is so much more that goes on
you don’t see.
Sex is just a thing they do,
but it means so much more to you.
Their always drinking,
appearing to have all the fun,
but deep inside,
they are on the run.
Outwardly, they look happy,
like they got it all together.
Inwardly, their crying out for strength,
to be more like you.
They admire your ability
to just say no,
not living in the moment,
but standing by your beliefs.
You’ve left an impression
even though you didn’t see it,
until one of them asks,
“how do you do it?”
You tell them about Jesus
and His great love for them;
little did you know,
they would give their life to Him
and that moment made it worth,
not having as many friends. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser