No Flowers

➵ I never got flowers delivered to the office for me in high school. I worked in the principal's office during 5th period (lunch) so I got the wonderful opportunity to see all of the balloons, gifts, flowers, and cards delivered for different holidays/birthdays. As time passed on, there was still no flowers for me. To a hopeless romantic like myself, this crushed my spirit. All of the guys that I liked never liked me. If they did end up liking me, I no longer liked them. More often than not, I was the one who was doing the liking, but not getting it in return. I went out with a few guys, but I never had a serious boyfriend. At one point my assistant principal came up to me and said, "hey, Shannon. Where are your flowers?" I replied, "I don't know!" He then said, "well, at the looks of things I may have to buy you some." I gave him a chuckle, knowing that he was probably right. There was one time I got so desperate that I thought I could have my dad just send some to me and say, "from your secret admirer." LOL!! I talked myself out of that idea because I didn't want to be THAT desperate!

The devil was trying to feed me a lie that something was wrong with me. Maybe my standards were too high or I smiled and talked a bit too much. He kept trying to persuade me that the problem was with me and that I needed to change in order to have a guy like me. Thankfully, the Lord’s Spirit exposed the devil’s lies and He showed me that it just wasn’t time yet. “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” (Isaiah 60:22)

You don’t have to have a long list of people you’ve dated. You only need the right one, whom God sends to you that will love you for you, flaws and all. You won’t have to change who you are for them! If they don’t love you down to your core, then they aren’t for you! Don’t settle for the now and miss out on someone greater because you got tired of waiting. Waiting on God is always worth it because He honors our obedience. God’s worst pick is still better than your best pick so don’t try to be the author of your love story. Let the One who is writing your story have the pen and be prepared to be blown away with how He brings it all together for your good and His glory!!! ➵  #soulchaser