Faith Over Fear

➵ My heart is so full!! I was so humbled to be asked to speak and I am so thankful for every precious soul that came out to listen. I haven’t publicly spoken in several years and to be honest, I have never enjoyed public speaking. It has always made me extremely nervous. However, since I was young, I have always seen myself being a public speaker. Before this event, the Holy Spirit gave me a word. Here’s a little bit of it...”this would be the start of something new. He would birth in me a new desire to speak and I would not be afraid.” This was the first time in my life that I wasn’t really nervous at all (also, thanks for all of the prayers)!! I was literally saturated in the peace of Christ. I took a leap of faith and said “yes” to this speaking engagement and God not only met me there but He also met me there in a powerful way!! I want to encourage each and everyone of you to not retreat out of fear! God will empower and equip you for the call. I had such a blast last night!! I am so thankful that I didn’t allow fear to rob me of this incredible experience. I got my eyes off of myself and I fixed them on my Lord and Savior. I may feel like a simple girl.... not very talented or gifted, however, all I have, all I am, I am determined to use it for the Lord’s glory. As Christians, it’s not about how we can fit God into our story... it’s about how we can fit into HIS STORY!! The Lord has planned for each one of us a specific purpose and unique role. May we all be stirred up to seek Him to know what that is. (Psalm 139)

Words cannot fully express my deep gratitude to the First Church of God in Monroe, Ohio and to Laura Barnes for the opportunity extended to me to be a voice for our Lord Jesus Christ at last night’s women’s event, “Broken + Whole.” I was showered with rich hospitality, love, and fellowship! I am truly speechless!! I cherish each one that came out last night for the event as a special gift from the LORD!! You all brought me great blessings!!! Thank you to all!!! Onward and upward friends! ➵ 👑 #soulchaser