5 Stage Clinger

➵ When I first got married, I wanted to spend all of my time with my husband. It bothered me when he would go off and hang out with other people. I thought to myself, “why doesn’t he want to spend time with me. Does he not love me as much as I love him?!” As I think about it now, I think to myself, “how could I be so ridiculous?”

He was the first serious boyfriend I had and the only guy I said I love you to. After we said I do, I was a bit clingy/needy (as you can see-haha). I wanted him all to myself. If he wasn’t with me, I would spend my time thinking about him instead of what God was calling me to do. Thankfully the Lord showed me that this was not healthy or His intent for marriage.

In marriage, you will never be able to fulfill all of each other’s needs. Only God can fill the deep longings in our soul. The Lord does say, “the two shall become one,” but that doesn’t mean you aren’t inseparable. God wants to do things through the both of you, but also as individuals. He created each one of us with a unique purpose, calling, He desires us to fulfill. We won’t be able to live out our calling the way He intended, if our eyes our focused on our spouse first and not Him first. We should always seek Him above all else.

To all of the singles: let God seep into every part of your being, so that you might learn and know that HE alone can satisfy. May He teach you now to rely on Him for your needs so you don’t get into a relationship being needy. Married folks: treasure your time together, but you can still have fun apart! Don’t look to each other to fulfill all your needs. Only God can do that! ➵ #soulchaser