God's Plan > Your Plan

➵ My face when I see God’s plan versus my plan. It makes me chuckle to be honest. How could I EVER think He didn’t know best, what was He doing or why was He SO late?! Have any of you been there? Thinking your plan is on the side of genius and that God has somehow forgotten you, for if He hasn’t, then He would have most certainly done “this.” If we are being real, I think we all have.

Get this straight. God hasn’t forgotten about you. He thinks about you every second of the day. There is not a moment that passes by where you slip His mind. He’s constantly working on your behalf ‘behind the scenes.’ Would you want to watch a show on Broadway that was just put together on a whim with no preparation? It wouldn’t be much of a show! It takes hard work and dedication to make the show come to life. You need a stage, costume designers, make up artists, cast, crew, the list goes on.

God sees the story of your life-the show- from start to finish. Sometimes we may see Him working and sometimes He may be doing an internal work that we don’t “see.” There is always a purpose to every season we have to walk through. I hope and pray I learn the lessons quickly, so that I don’t have to repeat a season and delay the next thing He wants to do.

Be teachable, correctable and reprovable, so that the Holy Spirit can do His amazing work within you. If you happen to think there is just no way that God could do the impossible in your life... remind yourself of Sarah. God told her she would have a child past child bearing age. She laughed. There just might come a day when He delivers on His promises to you which in return, caused you to laugh. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser