In This World, Not Of This World

➵ “Wait, you are dropping out of college to go on a reality show?!” “You don’t plan on going back?! You need a degree.” “You’re a model, but won’t take off your clothes?! Why even model then for that’s what models do?!” You’re saving yourself for marriage?! Who does that?!” “It pays how much and you said no?! You’re crazy!” “You don’t drink? You’re just boring and missing out on all the fun.” “You’re leaving the modeling industry to be a nanny?!! Who does that?!”

Do you know the verse, “whoever loses his life for my sake will find it?” (Matthew 10:39) I found my life when I laid it down, for my life is not my own. I planned on getting a 4 year degree, but God showed me that wasn’t His plan for me. I obeyed. Instead of going out partying, I chose to stay in and spend time with my Father. Instead of taking off my clothes for my career, I stood on the convictions God put on my heart. Instead of giving my body away to guys, I chose to save it for the one. Instead of selling out for the money, I chose to say no and go without things, even if that meant living paycheck to paycheck. Some months there was no paycheck.

I may have laid down money, fame, status, followers, popularity, but all of those things can’t give me lasting value, purpose, and worth. The path God calls us to may not be socially acceptable, but it’s rewards are far greater than what this world could ever offer. You won’t find enduring fulfillment apart from your purpose-God’s calling on your life. People may raise their eyebrows, say mean things, shake their heads, but your calling is not their calling! Let the face of Jesus be your motivator each day. Remind yourself of Him. All you really need is Him on your side anyways... watch out world. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser