20 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

➵ 20 things I would tell my younger self:


  1. Quit trying to figure out God. He has a funny way of working things out.
  2. Singleness can be a blessing not a curse when He is your Lord.
  3. Prince Charming will never be able to fulfill or complete you because he was never made to. You are complete in Him.
  4. God doesn’t want you to be them. He wants you to be you. Be authentic.
  5. Don’t seek popularity above character.
  6. Desire a few good friends rather than many acquaintances.
  7. Learn to be thankful for what you’ve been given and don’t covet what you don’t have.
  8. Be open to wise counsel.
  9. Life is not a race. Stay in your lane.
  10. Aim to please God and stop trying to impress the world.
  11. Stay in the Word and prayed up. Don’t let a day go by without it.
  12. Don’t sell out for your dream. Dreams from God won’t require you to compromise your standards.
  13. Set your standards by the Word and not the world.
  14. Love others well.
  15. Give smiles and compliments out like it is your job.
  16. God doesn’t want you to fit in. He wants you to be set apart.
  17. The perfect body doesn’t exist.
  18. Fall asleep praising the Lord.
  19. Be kind to others. You don’t know the path they had to walk.
  20. God may take way longer than you ever had imagined, but He always makes it worth it. ➵  #soulchaser