Cheers To The Godly Men

➵ Shout out to all of the men out there that are striving to be godly men in a world where holiness is frowned upon and sin is exalted. The men who lead from a point of humbleness, but are clothed with the confidence of Christ; the men who turn their eyes from anything that would wreck havoc to their mind; the men that lead by example and not just in their words; the men who faithfully pray because they know they can't go a day without it; the men who encourage you, when you are feeling a little down and out; the men who rally behind your dreams because they mean so much to you; the men who choose to love you even when you do things that are unlovable; the men who love the Word more than they love this world; the men who surprise you, just because; the men who day in and day out are committed to loving you the way Christ loves the church. There are men like this still out there because I married one. They might be RARE, but they are still OUT THERE. If you married a good man, make some noise-👏🏼! If you are single and are choosing to wait on a godly man, let me see some prayer hands-🙏🏼! ➵ 💑 #soulchaser