Your Value Doesn't Come From What You Own

➵ Several years ago, one of my friend’s invited me to come for a visit and attend an awards show. Anyone that knows me knows that the littlest things can make me jump with excitement, so this had me skipping around my home. My elation turned into oppression when I considered what to pack. My wardrobe met all my needs, but I did not have expensive things.

I rummaged through my closet looking up and down for the perfect dress for this occasion. I decided on a classic black dress. However, I still felt a little insecure about how I would look compared to everyone else. I knew I would be surrounded by people at this award show that would be decked out in really nice attire. I just wanted to look like I belonged there, not feeling out of place.

Not long after I arrived, I found out a few of her friends would be joining us. As we were getting ready, I noticed one of her friends observing every detail of my outward appearance. During this time, I pulled out my disposable camera that was hidden in my purse. I innocently exclaimed, “look, I can take pictures!” I was seriously so excited that I was able to capture these memories on film. Before I could show them my “cool” camera, one of the girls rolls her eyes and says, “you are seriously not bringing a disposable camera to the award show!!” Even though this statement was said, I still took my disposable camera because I wasn’t going to miss any opportunity of capturing these moments.

You see friend, having all of the nicest, most expensive things doesn’t make your value as a person go up. You are valuable, and truly priceless to God because you are His beloved child. Clothe yourself with strength and dignity, reminding yourself that it’s not the clothes or camera that makes a person, but it’s one’s character. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser