Why I Don't Drink Alcohol

➵ Why I don’t drink alcohol.....because I get asked this all of the time.

  1. I don’t trust myself with it.
  2. I will never get drunk.
  3. I will never get a DUI because I thought I was invincible when I had a bit too many.
  4. I will never say anything in a drunken rage.
  5. Let’s say wine was made the same way today that is was when Jesus was here... because I always have to hear, “but Jesus drank wine.” Yeah, He did, but I don’t come close to Jesus. A man without sin and it was because of MY sins that He was nailed to a cross.
  6. I will never become addicted to it.
  7. I would prefer to eat my calories in donuts and not drink them! Ha!
  8. It’s a depressant and I don’t want to get depressed.
  9. It reduces your ability to think rationally.
  10. It distorts your judgement.
  11. It can easily seduce you and before you know it, control you.
  12. I saw someone put a gun to their head in a drunken rage. When I looked at them, I didn’t see “them.” Scared me.
  13. It destroys so many marriages/families.
  14. I don’t NEED it.
  15. It’s a great conversation starter! Haha!
  16. I will never wake up on a bathroom floor not remembering what I did the night before.
  17. It’s a great testimony for the Lord before the world.

I would also like to add that it is not a sin to drink alcohol. I do know people who drink it as a beverage and that’s it. I don’t think I could be one of those people. I am always double/triple fisting drinks. I can easily down whatever beverage I am drinking so I wouldn’t want to imagine what I would do if I allowed myself to drink alcohol. ➵ #soulchaser