Be Quicker To Love, Slower To Judge

➵ “She’s a model. She must think she is so beautiful. She’s probably a little vain and into herself.”

People like to put others in “boxes.” We think that because they are “this,” then they must be “that.” We can be so quick to judge others and by doing that, we miss out on getting to know people that may not be so different from us after all. Yes, I was a model. Yes, I had my picture taken quite often, but no, I was/am not vain or into myself. I actually had a tough time finding myself beautiful (the way God sees me and you.) I grew up with a sister that all of the boys liked, leaving me with somewhat of a complex. Then, I got into modeling, and I was surrounded by gorgeous ladies. They had long luscious locks and at that time, I couldn’t get my hair to grow. They had plump lips, clear skin, piercing eyes, full eyebrows, and “perfect” bodies (BTW-there isn’t a perfect body). I would look at them and fight envy for what they had that I didn’t. I looked around when I went to castings, sometimes feeling out of place. I thought to myself, “there is no way I will get this job over HER. She’s just stunning. I can’t compete with her.” I had allowed their beauty to make me question my own. So when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t always like what I saw. People assumed that because I was a model, I must know that I am beautiful. That was far from the truth. They were judging me because of my job title and not by the content in my heart.

Let’s get to know people. Let’s not put them in a box we’ve created in our own minds that we think they should fit into. You may seriously be missing out on some amazing friendships just because you allowed your thoughts of someone to rule over you, which may not be true at all. Let’s be quicker to love and slower to judge. “Do not judge by appearance, but judge with righteous judgement.” (John 7:24) Whose with me?! ➵ #soulchaser