Warrior Of The Cross

➵ Hey girl, God isn’t calling you to be like the rest of them. He isn’t calling you to a life of ease, for He is building you to do the hard things. He is calling you to the unfamiliar, for He wants you to trust His mighty hand to guide you. He knows you might be scared, but He knows that you can do the task at hand. He is building you to be a warrior of the cross. He wants you to slay giants, walk on water, tell mountains to move, be in the fire and not get burned, be in the lions den and not get touched, be able to walk alone, and speak up for Truth even when your life is on the line.

God severely tests those before He uses them greatly. On the other side of testing, is a wondrous blessing. To experience the miraculous, you have to be willing to endure “the hopeless.” But, you see, it’s not hopeless at all. God loves to work in those types of circumstances. Why?! He gets all of the glory. He loves to do what no man can!! Pick up your weary head, clothe yourself in the full armor of God, and go to battle knowing that God is fighting for you! ➵