Wait For The Vision

➵ The vision you have for your life (from God) may cause others to think you are crazy. I know this from personal experience. It's ok, they don't have to "catch the vision," for it isn't for them, it is for you. Sometimes it is nice to have others get on board, but sometimes God calls us to stand alone. He doesn't want us to rely on the opinions of man, but on THE MAN-Jesus Christ! His word stands supreme, so it doesn't matter what others think. You don't have to defend yourself either. Let God do all of the talking when He shows up mightily on your behalf. Let your faith in God be credited as righteousness. (Genesis 15:6)

"For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens till the end--if it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. My "vision" does seem slow. Some people thought it looked very possible years ago, now they don't. It doesn't make as much "sense" now. It appears WAY more impossible today than it did back then, but I refuse to give up on my promise, my vision from God, just because of the time it takes to get it. I will wait it out. I want it and won't stop until I get it. If God said it, then I want to receive it. If God promised it, then He will most certainly do it. If satan has stolen it, I am out to get it. We are to be warriors of the cross, not weak. I will fight for what God has for me and won't stop until I receive it all.

I don't know if you find yourself in similar shoes, but I want to remind you that God hasn't forgotten about the promise He made to you or the vision He has for your life. He is the greatest Author there ever was or will be, and He is writing one amazing story for you. Let Him pen it. Let Him write every detail, for He won't leave anything out. Don't waste your time trying to prove to others what God gave you. Let God show them one day and make sure you don't get puffed up with pride because it was God that gave you the vision, and it was Him that fulfilled it. Make sure He gets all of the glory. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser