God's No's Have Love Written All Over Them

➵ When I was worshipping the Lord the other day, I saw myself sitting on a white bench looking up at Jesus like He was my Teacher. There were two chalkboards on each side of Him that went from the ground up for miles and miles. One had every word, thought, and prayer, I had ever spoken written on it. As I looked at the chalkboard, I noticed a few prayers at the bottom that I had desperately prayed for that weren't answered. I looked up at Jesus and kindly asked Him why they hadn't been answered "yes." He looked at me with such love, and said, "oh precious daughter, they weren't answered yes because I had something even better in store for you. If you would have thought to ask me for "this," then you would have been given a yes, but because "your ways are not My ways, and your thoughts are not My thoughts" I had to say no. (Isaiah 55:8) My "no's" even have love written all over them." 

I looked at Him kind of embarrassed that I had ever thought that my plans would somehow exceed His. Then, Jesus pointed to the other chalkboard that was bare. It became a movie screen and I got to see a few examples of God's plan versus mine. I sat there with tears streaming down my face as I watched the screen. I couldn't sit there anymore because sheer gratitude for His Sovereignty flooded my soul. I jumped up and put my arms around His neck and gave Him the biggest hug I could muster up. I whispered in His ear,  "thank you, Jesus. Thank you." 

Friend, I don't know what you are pleading or praying for, but the Lord God hears you. He hasn't turned a deaf ear to you. He has recorded your every word and thought. You may think His answer is a no, but maybe His answer is "I've got something better in mind for you." Will you choose to trust in Him even when it appears you have been forgotten? Will you take a hold of His hand even when you don't understand His ways? You can rest assured that God's got you. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser