Don't Just Take What You See

➵ Have you ever been "hangry?" The feeling when you waited too long to eat so you are past the point of starving and now you just feel famished and irritable?! Have you ever been to the grocery store hungry and you are just like buying everything in sight because it all sounds delicious? You came in for one thing and then leave with a cart full? When we are starving we are more likely to eat foods that we typically wouldn't eat because we are desperate just for something. We just start cramming food into our mouths. Well, I don't know about you, but I have done this multiple times. haha!

We have to be careful not to do this in our faith walk. We are "hungry" for God to move in our life because we have been waiting on the Lord and He just seems to be doing nothing so we take matters into our own hands because we think He needs help. We start taking what we see, even if it means it isn't God's best for us. We might lower our standards, compromise a little, or walk in those grey areas we always were on guard to avoid. We do this because we allowed ourselves to doubt God and we got impatient. We assume that because He hasn't moved yet, we have been forgotten. 

Friend, the Lord God makes us wait because it helps us grow. What good Father would always give his children what they wanted and when they wanted it? They wouldn't have as great of an appreciation for the "thing" because it was just handed to them. Waiting also builds our faith and trust in our Father. We may not see, but we believe because we know He is a promise keeper. Feelings lie, God does not. Waiting on God is hard, but it is always worth it. And God has not forgotten about you! You are on His mind 24/7. You may not see Him moving, but He is working. You may not hear Him, but He is listening to your every word. You may not feel Him, but He hasn't left your side. Don't just take what you see because it is in front of you. Wait on the Lord God to give you His best which may just be right around the corner. ➵ 💕 #soulchaser