Seasons Change

➵ I have never been camping or backpacking through the mountains, however, when I was worshipping the Lord the other day, I saw myself doing just that. I was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by gigantic mountains. It was so picturesque. From a helicopter view, the path was a winding one. There were the greenest trees everywhere and the air was so fresh. The sky was a light blue. I had my hair up in a high ponytail, cargo shorts on with a light t-shirt and I was wearing high socks with boots. My backpack looked like I was packed for a long journey. The look on my face had a witness of eagerness. 

I didn't have a map, therefore I followed the path before me. After many miles, I started to get a little tired so I sat down by a creek I had just found. I washed my face with the water and started to think what was the point of this whole "journey." I was all alone, tired, hungry, weary, and a bit confused as to why I was even out there. I started to complain in my heart and caught myself and instead just looked up. I felt my Father saying, "keep going." 

My feet started to go numb and my legs felt like they were going to give out. Just when I thought I couldn't walk one more step, I looked up and saw a hot air balloon. I was afraid of heights, but I thought to myself, "this is the way out!" Reluctantly I got up in it and as soon as I stepped into it, it went up. When I was up in the air, the Lord had written words all over the ground below-faith, trust, strength, endurance, hope, growth, pure, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and courage. The wilderness was to grow me. When the balloon started to descend and I got to the ground, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was MY PROMISE.

Friend, the seasons God has you go through aren't for nothing. He is growing, stretching, molding, and building your faith in Jesus Christ. When you start to get tired, LOOK UP. Keep persevering and "keep going." Your PROMISE LAND might be on the other side. It may feel pointless, but there is a purpose! Will you trust Him?! ➵ 💕 #soulchaser