Sometimes God Makes You Uncomfortable To Grow You

➵ I grew up playing sports. I tried almost everything-basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, golf, track, and even ballet. I took up an interest in basketball, therefore my dad thought it would be a wonderful idea for me to play summer ball with the high school kids, even though I was still in junior high. At first, I felt extremely intimidated and was very aggravated that he would do this to me. I felt out of place and I often wondered if I was just going to embarrass myself, however, it didn’t take long for me to see that this would help me grow as a player. I became a better baller because he had me playing with the older girls who were more seasoned than me.

Fast forward a bit... When I got to high school I made the varsity team as a freshman and got to play with my sister who was a senior. It was a complete blast! You see, I wasn’t looking ahead like my dad was. I was only seeing what was right in front of me. My dad knew that playing with my sister would be a memory I would cherish forever. He was right!!

Friend, isn’t that like God?! He sometimes has to put us in situations where we feel less than or even intimated. He isn’t doing it because he is mad at us, rather it’s because He loves us SO much. He wants us to grow. Growth doesn’t happen when we are comfortable. He has to make us uncomfortable at times so that we look to Him for help, strength, courage, and power. I don’t know what season you are in right now, but if you are in one that feels uncomfortable, look UP! When you look back you just might see how He was preparing you for something amazing just up ahead!!! ➵ 💕 #soulchaser