My Heart's Desire: Enlarge God's Platform Not Mine

➵ Here's the thing about me.....I don't post for the likes or follows. Yep, you read that right and if you have read some of my captions I am sure you can tell. My end goal is not to be Instagram famous or anything famous. I kinda turned down fame and fortune already. Money and fame hold no power over my soul, for it has a "not for sale sign on it." The Holy Spirit stirred me up last year to give Him control over my social media accounts. I quit posting whatever I wanted to and started posting the way HE wanted me to. He wanted me to start sharing more, post more about Him and His goodness, testify of the things He has brought me through, and encourage/inspire others in their walk with Him. He inspired me to take my modeling background to create pictures that would correlate to my messages. I don't post pictures of myself so you can constantly be reminded of what I look like! I post them because that is what I know how to do. God impressed on my heart, "use what you have with what you have been given." I do my hair and make-up the best I can, which isn't saying much. I throw together outfits from an unimpressive wardrobe. I am so thankful for my sister who lets me borrow her clothes all of the time for my "shoots." The thing is....the Lord sees my heart. I try my best and that is all He asks of any of us. He wants us to do the assignments He has given us with all of our heart and He will give His increase. We have to quit caring so much about what people think about us. We have to strive to obey God while allowing the opinions of man to be silenced in our heart. We cannot serve two masters. (Matthew 6:24) 

My hope and prayer is that my accounts will bring a smile to your face. I hope you feel welcomed, loved, and valued. I hope to push, challenge, and motivate you in your walk with the Lord to not go the way of the world, but to boldly walk on that narrow path which leads to life. I want you to feel encouraged and inspired. My number one goal is not for my platform to grow, but for His to enlarge. I could care less about you knowing my name. I ache for you to know His and for Him to know you. That is my heart's desire..... ➵  #soulchaser