You Are Complete In Christ

➵ One of the most important things you can learn right now while being single is that you are COMPLETE in Christ and in Him alone!! It is vital that you learn to let Jesus be the lover of your soul without distractions. I don't care how "great of a person" they are, they will not make you whole. God might send you someone to compliment you, but not to complete you. If you don't learn that now, you could enter into a relationship being needy. Wanting a love story of your own is so much different than needing one. When you need one you come to take, not to give. You come to be filled up, not to be poured out. Love is selfless. It does without expecting anything in return. It comes to serve, not be served. 

To a hopeless romantic like myself, the waiting period seemed to be unbearable, but God knew what He was doing by making me wait. Looking back now, He turned those lonely nights into some of my most cherished experiences with Him. Do you know why? It was because I let Him be the Potter and I was the clay. I let Him mold me. I was obedient and available to Him. I wanted to pour my love out onto someone else, but He wanted me to allow His love to be poured into me! I learned so much about His character, his heart, and His love for me in my single days. I chose not to run to others for fulfillment, but to Him. 

So to all of you have a choice to make. You can seek out a relationship, or you can seek to grow your relationship with the Lord Jesus. When you know more about Him, you are able to trust Him more. When you trust Him more, you can rest knowing that He will work it out in His time and in His way, and it will be more perfect than anything you could ever imagine. When you trust Him, you have less room for fear because you ultimately know He has your best interest at heart. Spend your time getting to know the One that will love you like no other. When it is time, He will cause your love story to unfold. ➵  #soulchaser